Motorcycle Ministry

HARD C.O.R.E. Motorcycle Ministry is a ministry Centered On Relationship Evangelism. The HARD C.O.R.E. MM of Siler City was organized in 2009.  We are a subsidiary of Mission M25, originating out of Amarillo, Texas  in the IPHC Great Plains Conference through Bishop Gary Burd, then Pastor of The Christian Heritage Church.
Rev. Mark Richardson, “Goodwrench” under the leadership and guidance of M25 Founder, Bishop Gary Burd, then began birthing the idea of a Motorcycle Ministry through the heart of Dale “Razor” Ray whose passion for a Motorcycle Ministry became even more prevalent and soon a reality!

With 12 members and growing, the Siler City Chapter of HCMM is “about the Father’s business.”   We have made ourselves available to anyone and everyone.   By whatever means necessary…” we will be ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, showing His love and kindness to all we meet both in the Church and on the Highway.


We ride two wheels, three wheels and four wheels…we teach, preach and pray for anyone desiring our Prayers and Support. It has been said of HCMM as it has of other Motorcycle Ministries: “We wear our Patch, we carry our Tracts. We tote the Book that has all the facts. If all we do is what we used to do, then what will the Lost in the world do?”
HARD C.O.R.E. MM has/will meet with groups at Rallies, Biker events, Church events and other Ministry events. If you’d like for HCMM to add you to our Prayer List, please contact us through email, phone call to the church or to President Ashley Wilkie “Wildman” and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you and God bless all your endeavors to reach the Kingdom for Christ!