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Pastor Mark and Ellen Richardson

My family and I moved to Siler City in July of 2007 from Henderson, NC where I previously served as the Associate Pastor of a congregation of over 600 members. I married Ellen Roberson, one of 12 children in May of 1982 and we added to our family with the birth of our only child Dustin in April of 1985. Dustin, a former Collegian All-American and Independent Professional Baseball player in the Northern League is currently teaching High School and coaching High School Baseball.
Before going into ministry full-time I owned and operated my own Automotive Repair business for over 12 years. I was raised in a small town, the youngest of 4 children and was taught early on that hard work is rewarding in all ways. From working on the family farm as a child to owning my own business, God has allowed me the opportunity to experience many facets of life. It is through those experiences I believe my “call” has been refined. Let me expound if I may:

From neckties to leathers and riding motorcycles, the focus of my ministry is to connect with people “wherever they are”. Too often many have tried to get their lives “straightened out” before coming to Church. Jesus never expected anyone to change without His help. He met everyone in their own environment and then offered a better way. In fact, “Come All” was His invitation and that invitation still stands today; regardless of age, race or social status. Change that is offered by Jesus is complete change as we are “Born Again” into the newness of His life.

As Pastor my vision for the church is to be the place everyone can come to find “Hope and Healing” in every way. God is concerned with the “whole” of man; mind, body and soul. Therefore my desire is to offer ministry that provides opportunities to experience God in a real way. As Pentecostal Holiness I see Holiness as the “Noun” and Pentecostal as the “Verb” of this structure. It is Holiness that calls us into God’s presence while being Pentecostal in style offers avenues for the “whole” of a person to be involved in the Worship experience.

Allow me to borrow from the words of Jesus if I may; “Come All” is the invitation and in this invitation please know it is just as Jesus’ is; “just as you are”. I look forward to seeing you soon and may God bless you is my prayer for you and your family.

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